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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Borrowing Questions

What does Relendex stand for?
Relendex stands for Real Estate Lending Exchange.
What does Relendex do?
Relendex is a peer-to-peer exchange which operates in the UK commercial property sector. Relendex matches Lenders to Borrowers and facilitates loans that are secured on commercial property.
What is peer-to-peer lending?
Peer-to-peer lending is a form of direct lending that matches Lenders with Borrowers via an online platform. It allows Lenders to take control of their own investment decisions and not be reliant upon a bank or financial institution.
Is Relendex regulated?
Yes. Relendex Limited is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered on the Financial Services Register - FRN 723117 for Peer to Peer lenders. Relendex has also been granted ISA Manager status by HMRC, which enables it to offer UK tax payers its Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA).
What are Relendex’s fees?
Relendex charges Borrowers an arrangement fee, which is chargeable upfront and a quarterly Service Fee. Both charges directly relate to the value of the loan. The arrangement fee is paid in two parts, the first being a Commitment Fee, which is payable before the Auction; and the second part is payable when the Auction is completed and the loan is fully funded.

The Service Fee is paid quarterly in arrears and covers Relendex’s operating, transaction, management and monitoring costs. The Service Fee is disclosed in the Auction Particulars. An exit fee may be chargeable to the Borrower in the case of particular loans.
Is Relendex an online only exchange?
Whilst all auctions are exclusively conducted on the Relendex online platform, Borrowers can contact Relendex’ underwriters via phone or email or by completing our online application form.
Getting Started
How can I contact Relendex about my borrowing requirements?
Please email or call 020 7729 0070 with your enquiry. Please provide the following initial information as it will help us speed up our decision.

  • Address of property
  • Type of property
  • Approximate age
  • Principal use
  • Total area
  • Tenancy schedule (where applicable)
  • Total rent
  • Estimated market value of property
  • Date of last valuation
  • Loan amount you are seeking
  • Purpose of loan
  • Photo of property
How will Relendex decide if it is prepared to post my loan requirement?
Assuming your initial information falls within Relendex’s lending parameters, it will request a Professional Valuation and other due diligence data. Where appropriate, it will perform an interest cover calculation to ensure that rents cover the quarterly interest payments and any amortisation (partial repayment of principal during the term of the loan).

Once Relendex is satisfied with the results of these checks, it will proceed to agree the loan terms with you. You will then be asked to sign a Term Sheet and pay the commitment fee. When your loan is listed on the Relendex Marketplace, all supporting documents, including the Valuation Report, are placed in the Virtual Data Room making them viewable to all prospective lenders.
What responsibility do I have for the information I provide about a loan requirement?
You will be required to warrant that all the information you have provided is accurate and not misleading. You will be asked to formally approve all of the Auction Particulars (as defined), to be posted on the Relendex website ( related to your particular loan requirement. Relendex does not take responsibility for Auction Particulars. Lenders rely upon the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by a Borrower.
What is my contractual relationship with Relendex and the Lenders?
As a Borrower you are bound by the Borrower Terms & Conditions on the Relendex website and must formally agree to these before your Borrower requirement can be posted on the Exchange. This is a downloadable PDF document.

In addition, you will be required to sign a Term Sheet, Mandate Letter, Loan Facility Agreement (LFA) and security documents including a Charge document. By the terms of the LFA you contract in the first instance with the Facility Provider, Relendex Lending Limited (RLL), a Relendex Limited group company.

Once the loan auction is successfully filled, the LFA is novated in favour of the individual Lenders with their individual bids becoming separate Loan Parts. The novation process is achieved through a limited Borrower Power of Attorney that you are required to sign as part of the LFA. You should read these documents carefully and where necessary take independent professional advice.
What is a Borrower Power of Attorney?
The Borrower Power of Attorney gives Relendex Limited, the Operator of the Exchange, the authority to novate the LFA in favour of each of the individual Lenders in order to create a direct contractual relationship between the Borrower and each Lender.
What does Novation mean?
Novation means replacing a party to an agreement with another party. In respect of the Loan Facility Agreement the novation replaces Relendex Lending Limited (acting as Facility Provider) with each successful bidder or purchaser of a Loan Part in that particular loan. This creates the direct contractual relationship between Borrower and individual Lenders.
Borrowing with Relendex
What kind of loans are available?
Relendex facilitates short and medium term senior and mezzanine finance from £250,000 to £5 million for commercial and residential property investments and owner-occupied commercial properties. Please visit Indicative Lending Criteria for more details
Do you lend on residential assets?
Yes, Relendex arranges funding for residential investments and certain developments, but not owner-occupied residential properties.
Is the interest rate I pay fixed?
Yes. Borrowers pay a fixed interest rate throughout the loan term.
When do interest payments commence?
Interest repayments only begin after the auction is closed and the Borrowing requirement is fully funded.
What happens once the auction has been successful and my loan requirement is funded?
Relendex will instruct the appointed solicitors to carry out the remaining legal due diligence on behalf of the Lenders. Once solicitors are satisfied and the conditions of the Loan Offer have been met, you will be required to sign the agreed Loan Documentation, fulfil any other conditions, and pay the balance of the arrangement fee. The loan funds will then be available for drawdown.
Can I repay my loan early?
Yes. You can repay your loan before the end of the loan period but if you do so, early repayment penalties may apply. These are loan specific and are set out in the Loan Facility Agreement.
What costs are associated with the transaction?
  • An arrangement fee for a successful auction
  • Valuers’ fees
  • Solicitors and other professional costs
  • Quarterly service fees to cover our operating, transaction, management and monitoring costs.
Who do these Solicitors and Valuers act for and who pays them?
The appointed Solicitors and Valuers act for the Lenders but their fees are paid for by the Borrower. This is in accordance with standard bank lending practises.
Is the Commitment Fee refundable?
In the unlikely event that the loan amount is not taken up in full by our Lenders the Commitment Fee would be refunded.
Relendex Limited is registered in England, Company Number 07486328
Registered Office: 99-100 Turnmill Street, London. EC1M 5QP

Important Notice

Relendex Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 723117).

Lenders participating in these arrangements should be clearly aware that any sum lent through the Exchange is a loan and not a deposit and its repayment is not guaranteed. It is in the nature of an investment opportunity. Any investor should consider an appropriate spread of risk. Non-institutional investors should seek professional advice before lending through the Relendex Exchange.

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