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Introducing our new Secured Portfolio ISA

Secured Portfolio

A good way to think of an ISA is as a tax ‘wrapper’ that shelters your ISA income. This means you are not required to pay tax on the interest or capital gains earnt, offering increased growth potential on your ISA investments.

Relendex offers two types of ISAs, new to our website is our Secured Portfolio ISA. This combines the secured lending available on the Relendex Exchange with a unique Portfolio created for each lender in order to reduce risk and hassle and offer a better tax-free return than most other ISA products.*

No need to self-select your loans, the Relendex Secured Portfolio uses an algorithm to allocate loan parts available in both Relendex’s Live Auctions and from its Resale Marketplace.

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Why choose P2P? Our key benefits for Borrowers & Lenders

key benefits

The peer-to-peer property industry has grown significantly over the past few years. But what are the benefits of peer-to-peer for borrowers and lenders?

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The Housing Crisis- A New Year Res-Solution

new year

It is the Government’s stated aim to build 300,000 homes on average each year to solve the ever-increasing housing crisis. What resources will it take to do that? Land with planning permission, willing developers and necessary funding. The Government has already committed to releasing more land, particularly to smaller developers and is consulting with Local Authorities and developers on how to speed up the planning process. As to willing developers; there are plenty of great SME developers across the country with years’ of experience and schemes under their belt, ready and willing to take up the challenge provided that the other two elements are in place. The largest 16 housebuilders built 90,668 in the year to October 2017. Even assuming a dramatic increase in their activity they are unlikely to build more than 150,000 new homes between them. This would leave a further 150,000 homes to be built by the smaller SME developers. Relendex has seen at first hand the demand from SME builders to fund the building of new homes and the refurbish existing properties. We also know from lenders that there is appetite out there for investment loans on income-producing property. Government efforts to boost the housing supply are being choked by a squeeze on funding for small housebuilders, according to a recent Federation of Master Builders (FMB) industry study. It showed that 54% of small and medium-sized developers said accessing finance is a major barrier to building more homes. Almost 10 years after the financial crisis accessing finance is a major barrier for small house builders and is getting worse rather than better. This is despite Govt support through the £3bn Home Building Fund to help those firms with development and infrastructure.

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A Year in Review

Relendex 2017 Summary

2017 was a momentous year for us here at Relendex. So we thought it was only fair for us to take a walk down memory lane and see what 2017 brought us.

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Relendex set to help unlock the Chancellor's House Building Initiative

budget 2017

In his budget statement, the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond declared that he was providing a total of £44 billion in support, (funds and guarantees) over 5 years to kick-start house building in the UK. The government’s stated aim is to build 300,000 houses a year. The average UK house costs £190,000 to build, so even if the Chancellor could achieve his aim, these additional funds only amount to 230,000 additional houses, some 46,000 houses per year.

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