Here at Relendex, we have one of the most active and generous resale marketplaces for Loan Parts in the peer-to-peer sector.

We have always recognised that liquidity is an important factor for lenders to consider so that they can unwind their positions and release capital whenever they want to.

Features of our Resale Marketplace

Loan parts meet the approved standard
Matched bargain basis
No Fees
No fees charged to seller or buyer
Start earning interest immediately on Loan Parts
When you buy Approved Loan Parts in the Resale Marketplace, our promise to you
The Loan has completed and drawn down
Formal valuation and security are in place
Borrower interest has been paid up to date
Borrower Loan Covenants are compliant (including current valuation)
No loan-specific information that materially affects the loan or security
The relevant loan has at least 1 month until expiry
We do things differently
We go the extra mile to build personal relationships with our customers, be they lenders or borrowers. Many of the directors participate in both primary auctions and they buy Loan Parts in the Resale Marketplace on the same terms as every other lender, so that our interests are aligned throughout the life of a loan.

One of our directors will happily answer any questions you have if you would like to learn more about the Resale Marketplace.

Any Questions?
Relendex Resale Marketplace FAQ
What is the Resale Marketplace (RMP)?
The Resale Marketplace is our secondary market where lenders can buy and sell Loan Parts on a matched bargain basis. Our objective is to provide our lenders with greater liquidity (as you may wish to exit a loan before it expires) and diversification ie spreading your risk over multiple loans (and by buying Loan Parts in loans you may otherwise have missed).
What’s the difference between Loan Parts I buy in a live auction and Loan Parts I can buy in the Resale Marketplace (RMP)?
The underlying loans are no different. It’s just that owners of existing Loan Parts offer them for sale from time to time. Loans created 3 or 6 months ago are no different from a new loan created in a live auction today. In fact a Loan Part offered in the RMP may already have some track-record of performance having paid a quarter’s interest or more. But what lenders really need to know is that nothing has materially changed since the relevant loan was first auctioned and the underwriting and due diligence process followed at the time. That’s why we provide the Checklist below that sets out the basis on which Approved Loan Parts are offered through the RMP.

The RMP provides an opportunity to new lenders to buy some of the Loan Parts offered on the same terms as those at which the loan was originally offered at auction. And start earning interest immediately.
What does ‘Approved’ mean?
See below our checklist for the criteria that loans must meet for the relevant Loan Parts to be offered as ‘Approved’.

Checklist for Approved Loan Parts offered through the RMP:

  • The Loan has completed, drawn down
  • Formal valuation and security are in place
  • Borrower interest has been paid up to date
  • Borrower Loan Covenants are compliant (including current valuation)
  • No loan-specific information that materially affects the loan or security
  • The relevant loan has at least 1 month until expiry
What is the benefit of buying from the Resale Marketplace?
There is no delay while the legal formalities are concluded – as would be the case for a new loan auction – and interest accrues from the moment you acquire the Loan Part.
Will I definitely be able to resell my Loan Parts?
Our Resale Marketplace operates on a ‘matched-bargain’ basis. It allows lenders to resell Loan Parts but in order to do so someone has to be willing to buy them. The marketplace is generally fairly liquid and to date there have been many buyers willing to acquire Loan Parts. In fact most sales take place within a few days of them being posted by a vendor. This is however not a guarantee of liquidity.
Do you charge any fees on the Resale Marketplace?
There are at the present time, no fees for buying or selling on the Resale Marketplace.
I see that £10,000 Loan Part listed on the Resale Marketplace. Can I buy just £5,000 of that?
Unfortunately not, as you must buy a Loan Part as a whole. Auto-partitioning of Loan Parts is a feature that we hope to introduce onto the platform in the future.
Outstanding principal of the Loan Part I want to buy shows £500 but Total Purchase Amount shows a larger amount when I click the buy button. Why is that?
This extra amount is the interest that has been accrued by the seller on the Loan Part since the last interest payment date, as here at Relendex we pay out interest on a quarterly basis. When a lender wants to sell their Loan Part, the buyer in essence takes the seller’s position in the loan.

As the buyer, you will receive the full accrued interest amount at the next interest payment date.
Am I able to delve deeper into loan details before buying?
Yes, all approved lenders have access to our Virtual Data Room where you will be able to see the Executive Summary and Valuation Report of every loan available on the Resale Marketplace. You are also of course welcome to email us at Lender Support should you have any further questions.
When do I start earning interest on a Loan Part that I buy in the Resale Marketplace?
You will start earning interest immediately on Loan Parts bought on the Resale Marketplace as the loan has already drawn down and the borrower is already paying interest.
Why is my Loan Part not able to be listed on the Resale Marketplace?
Loan Parts are not eligible for resale if either the loan of which it forms part is within 1 month of expiry, or it does not meet our Approved Loan Checklist criteria.

Important Notice


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Lenders participating in these arrangements should be clearly aware that any sum lent through the Exchange is a loan and not a deposit and its repayment is not guaranteed. It is in the nature of an investment opportunity. Any investor should consider an appropriate spread of risk. Non-institutional investors should seek professional advice before lending through the Relendex Exchange.
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